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Dr. Prendiville offers facial cosmetic surgery procedures in rhinoplasty, facelift, browlift, blepharoplasty, and more. Non-surgical cosmetic facial procedures include botox, collagen, restylane, radiesse, juvederm, laser, and plasma skin regeneration.
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True Stories of patients and employees in Atlanta: an 8 part series on a branded facelift company

Branded Facelift Company penalized for Deceptive and Illegal Posting by NY Attorney General
–And How RealSelf Protects Our Community

Horror Stories Abound With Quick Fix Lifts -Dr. Stephen Prendiville M.D

Key Questions To Ask When Seeking Facial Rejuvenation Or Cometic Surgery

-Dr. Stephen Prendiville M.D

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Horror Stories Abound With Quick Fix Lifts
-Dr. Stephen Prendiville M.D

Women today are dealing with more stress than ever before, making it even more important to do something that helps them retain their beauty and keep that feeling of youth.

In a sad comment on the times, there are many procedures out there that are heavily branded and make claims of “affordable for all”, “revolutionary techniques”, “miraculous results” and “look 20 years younger” -- all in about one hour!

The procedures, now branded and heavily marketed on infomercials, have actually been around a long time. They are not revolutionary and there is never any one size fits all when it comes to your face and choosing plastic surgery. The only thing that is new, is the way these quick fix lifts are marketed.

Some patients, may in fact have a good result with this type of surgery, but most do not. According to the reputable website www.realself.com (an information source for patients seeking answers from a forum of physicians) only 29% are happy with the results of their quick fix, lunch hour lift. This is a daunting statistic for a procedure that can cost upwards of $6,000 and bills itself as affordable for all.

In addition, a powerful eight part investigative series from the CBS affiliate in Atlanta offers an eye opening look at these procedures and the hype vs. the results. Anyone considering these quick fix lifts should watch this series before they even considering it. For the eight part series click here.

Horror stories abound with patients reporting extreme scarring, pain and results not living up to the promises. They also report being pressured into a quick decision -- “being sold” on it by a consultant vs. meeting with the physician surgeon.

In essence, they are buying a procedure that has been pre- sold to them before carefully scrutinizing and choosing the physician based on their credentials and individual needs. When it comes to facial plastic surgery, skilled physicians will tell you there is no one size procedure that fits all.

The overblown advertising and promises of ‘youth in an hour’ is dangerous and irresponsible. In my practice I am increasingly seeing patients who are very disappointed in their results and require a correction for their lunchtime or quick fix lift.

Always seek a physician who is trained in facial plastic surgery. Many of these quick fix lifts are offered by physicians who have taken a one day training course.

On the flip side, THE GOOD NEWS, is there are actually a number of highly qualified facial plastic surgeons, who are offering extraordinary pricing on facelifts and other procedures, customized to individual patient needs. In addition, facial plastic surgeons offer the very latest technology and there have been many exciting breakthroughs that get dramatic results with minimal downtime.

In my practice, I specialize ONLY in faces. Fundamental to my practice is the belief is that every face is beautiful and no two faces are the same. Procedures must be customized and tailored to each patient’s personal objectives. And the results should always look natural. Honesty is key.

If you are considering a lunch time quick lift or any procedure you have seen in an infomercial, you owe it to yourself to investigate carefully and seek a second opinion. I think you will find many qualified facial plastic surgeons who can give you better results for approximately the same cost.

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Key Questions To Ask When Seeking Facial Rejuvenation Or Cometic Surgery
-Dr. Stephen Prendiville M.D.

1) Seek the opinion of a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon (American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery), or Plastic Surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery) for facial rejuvenation.  For breast and body procedures, seek the opinion of a Plastic surgeon.

2)  If you have elected to be seen in a high volume, infomercial based company: a) don't be pressured into putting down a deposit; b) carefully check the credentials of the surgeon. Is he or she a Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeon? c) understand the procedure and follow up care in detail. Who is there for you? c) seek another opinion before signing up.

3) If you have made the choice to have surgery at a high volume, infomercial based company, first find out what accrediting body (JCAHO, AAAHC, ACHA, or AAAASF) has accredited the facility. If there is no accreditation, be very wary. Accrediting bodies are designed to make facilities adhere to standards of care, they are not beholden to a profit over care mentality. It is better to surrender your deposit than to surrender your face...or your life.

4)  If you have had surgery in a high volume, infomercial based company and you are not happy with your results, do not sign any waivers which surrender your ability to take legal action. This is a common tactic used by such entities.

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